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Tips for CV Writing

If you’ve just graduated, congratulations, the world is now your oyster. Or is it? This job market is one of the toughest ever, so to make the world your oyster, you need to stand out from the competition. With more graduates now than ever before and fewer jobs than in previous years, one way to get yourself noticed is by creating an outstanding, eye-catching C.V.

C.V. writing is an art. There are certain skills and techniques required to craft the perfect C.V. and don’t for one minute think you can get away with you one. You will need to tailor your C.V. along with your covering letter to every position you apply for.

So what should you do to make the most memorable and effective C.V.? Firstly, don’t waste time and valuable space on a personal statement. By saying you are hard working and committed just means you know how to write what you think all employers are looking for. It is better to utilise the space at the top of your C.V. for a career summary, including what you want as a career and why. Be focused and specific as employers value this over most graduate’s flimsy notions of doing this and that. Target this statement to the job specification and the market you want to break into. Being too heavy on adjectives won’t get you anywhere.

You need to include your own USP – unique selling point – early on in the C.V., preferably at the top to demonstrate to recruiters why they should employ you over the hundred or so other C.V.’s they have lying in front of them. This is a good place to include work placements, volunteering and specific details required for this job in particular.

What value can you offer an employer? Most C.V.’s simply detail what the graduate has done, but they should actually state, under the job title, what value the graduate delivered. If during your role you improved sales or implemented a new system then this should be mentioned, not that you served food and drinks and cashed up the bar.

Those key questions that always come up on job applications such as ‘Give an example of when you have shown leadership skills…’ you know the sort of thing, should always be in the back of your mind when writing your C.V. You need to make everything relevant and show your achievements and positions of responsibility, even if it was for the rock music society. has the largest collection of jobs in the UK and plenty of careers advice is available to help you get a job you actually want and enjoy.

Tips for CV writing