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How to Design a Cover Letter

Sample layout of a cover letter showing how to
style, present and structure your letter

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The sample below shows how to design a cover letter for job applications. Although the layout of a cover letter is essentially the same throughout the English speaking world, there are slight variations in layout and ending for letters in the United Kingdom and those outside the UK. These differences are as follows:

1. The writer's address and contact details:
Outside the UK, the writer's address and contact details are to the left as in the example below. In the UK, they are positioned to the right side of the letter.

2. Ending of a letter:
In the United states and Canada, letters end with "Sincerely,". In the UK, they end with "Yours sincerely,".

Apart from these differences, all other considerations are essentially the same throughout English speaking countries. Our sample cover letter features a Bartender in the United States with 6 years' experience working in luxury hotels. In the example, he applies for a Head Bartender position in a luxury cruise liner.

How to structure your letter professionally

When considering how to design a cover letter, you need to focus on the beginning, the middle and the end of the letter. In the sample letter, the candidate uses a brief paragraph to write each section of the letter. Try to keep job application letters to three to four paragraphs, using them to present the beginning, middle and closing sections in a persuasive and professional manner.

As in the example, the opening paragraph is your opportunity to explain to the employer why you consider yourself a suitable candidate for the vacant position, giving the reasons why. In the middle section of your letter, you should mention your current and most recent roles, focusing on your achievements and demonstrating use of skills that are relevant to the job you are applying. Notice how the candidate highlights his accomplishments in the sample letter. To close a job application letter in a professional manner, simply re-iterate your suitability for the position you are seeking. As in the example, try to keep all your paragraphs short.

how to design a cover letter with good layout

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The illustrated example above is designed to give people from all backgrounds a good insight on how to design a cover letter that can make all the difference in the recruitment process. The layout of a cover letter also follows conventions which must be adhered. You should therefore refer to this example when writing your own job application letters.

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