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Graduate Cover Letter Sample

How to write cover letters for graduate positions,
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In the graduate cover letter sample below, Kim Harrison responds to a graduate HR position and writes a compelling professional letter using four briefs paragraphs. Good graduate cover letters should be written using 3-5 paragraphs. The letter begins with Kim confirming her interest in the position. She gives reasons for her interest in the HR job, explains how it fits with her career goals and why she is a suitable candidate for the role.

Because graduates typically have limited work experience it is important when applying for graduate jobs to highlight relevant skills gained from courses. This applies not only when writing cover letters but also to CVs. In the second paragraph of this example letter, Kim briefly elaborates on her Masters and BA degree and mentions her commendation for her academic excellence. She then goes on to briefly highlight relevant course modules undertaken.

In the penultimate third paragraph, Kim touches on her work experience and briefly elaborates on her role as a Administrative Assistant. She takes the opportunity here to demonstrate use of transferable skills which she knows are applicable to the Human Resources position she is seeking. Kim Harrison demonstrates this ability well in this sample cover letter. Graduate applications require demonstration of relevant skills either acquired through work or academic study. It is therefore important in your when writing your own letters that you are able to identify relevant skills to highlight.

In the fourth and final paragraph of this cover letter example, Kim concludes just as she started; in a confident manner by reaffirming her interest in the position. She again affirms her suitability by touching on the reasons for her suitability which includes her transferable skills, knowledge base and career interests.

When composing your own graduate cover letters, try to start and end in a similar upbeat and confident note. This example letter can be used as a template by all graduates, irrespective of whether you are an engineer, accountant, scientist or in other professions.

Sample cover letter - graduate HR position

Kim Harrison
120 Bellview Avenue
TX 77777
[ Enter your telephone here ]
[ Enter your mobile here ]
[ Enter your Email here ]

[ Enter date here ]

Mrs Yvette Gordon
Personnel Manager
ABCD Industries
120 Industry Boulevard
Any Town
TX 99999

Dear Mrs Gordon,

Re: (Enter Position / Ref here)

I wish to apply in writing in relation to the advertised graduate HR position and attach my resume for your attention. I am seeking the opportunity to consolidate strong academic qualifications with sound practical skills within an HR environment. The graduate Trainee position seems an ideal starting point for me in view of my strong aspirations and long term commitment to management within HR. I am also attracted to the challenges and the possibility of progression within the field, with a strong desire to build upon the substantial and highly relevant skills I have already attained.

Presently. I am undergoing an MSc degree in Business & Management at the ABC University. Prior to this I graduated with a BA in International Hospitality Management at XYZ Management Institute and received recognition with a commendation for best overall performance. Key modules in my Master of Science course in Business & Management include General Management, Information for Decision Making and Management Functions; and my specialist subject will focus on HR. I achieved a distinction in Strategic Human Resource Management, a key module in my International Hospitality Management degree course.

As my resume reflects, I am currently employed as Administrative Assistant for ABC Retails. My workload involves providing quality customer care and comprehensive administrative support. The position has provided me the opportunity to develop sound communication and interpersonal skills at all levels, increasing my organizational capabilities and ability to multi-task accurately under pressure.

I am highly resourceful, motivated and resilient. I believe I am suitable for the position because I wish to utilise transferable skills I have amassed and develop new ones for long-term aspirations within Human Resource Management. The skills and qualities that are evident in my resume are highly relevant to the role and my confidence, enthusiasm and commitment would be hugely valuable to ABCD Industries in a number of areas. I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Kim Harrison

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As mentioned previously, the above graduate cover letter sample has been designed for use as a template and is ideal for recent graduates and postgraduates alike. Be sure however to check your graduate CV for its professionalism in terms of presentation, objectivity, content and length. Now would be a good time to appraise your resume before applying for graduate jobs.

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