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Sample Public Relations Cover Letter

How to write a PR cover letter
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In the sample public relations cover letter below, the applicant makes a sound case using four brief paragraphs. In the first paragraph, the applicant begins enthusiastically, shows interest for the vacant post and explains why she is an ideal candidate for the post. In the middle section of this PR cover letter example she goes on to briefly mention her current position and the skills she regularly use to execute her remit as a Public Relations Manager effectively. She also goes on to explain how her progressive experience has developed other relevant public relations skills.

When writing your own public relations cover letter, some of the skills you might wish to consider highlighting include:

  • Team Leadership and motivational skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Media analysis and relations
  • Political trends and public contacts
  • Working with the press
  • Press releases
  • Public relations strategies
  • Special events coordination
  • Political trends
  • Social and consumer trends

The sample PR cover letter ends in the concluding fourth paragraph with a positive reaffirmation of interest both towards the job and the organization. Lynn Chambers then again asserts the reasons why she believes she is an ideal candidate for the vacant role.

Lynn Chambers
33 Mount View Avenue
Your Town
MN 22222
[ Enter your telephone here ]
[ Enter your mobile here ]
[ Enter your Email here ]

[ Enter date here ]

Mrs Jennifer Jones
Personnel Manager
YYY PR & Marketing Bureau
Public Way
Any Town
MN 44444

Dear Mrs Jones,

Re: (Enter Position / Ref here)

I wish to apply for the Public Relations Director role as advertised in the industry journal PR XZY. I am ideally suited to the role having amassed over 15 years of significant and progressive experience within PR and marketing. I feel taking on the challenges that this role presents would be a natural progression for me at this stage in my career.

For the past nine years I have worked as Public Relations Manager at ABCD Media Services, directing a team of 12 staff within the PR and Marketing Department. I handle the accounts of well known clients within the telecommunications industry. I orchestrate PR campaigns and formulate working strategies. Other duties include representing clients at high profile events, public speaking, handling promotional campaigns, press releases and forging sound relationships with the media.

My professional experience has provided me the opportunity to hone excellent client relation building skills and the ability to counsel high profile clients within the telecommunications industry. I am also adept at monitoring public policy and trends and have a proven track record of building and motivating teams to consistently achieve significant results.

YYY PR & Marketing Bureau offers the enabling environment upon which I can utilize my education, training and professional expertise, with opportunities for both professional and personal growth. I believe my PR experience, drive and successful track record makes me ably suited for the vacant role. My PR expertise and experience will be hugely valuable to your organisation in a number of important areas. I hope therefore, on consideration of my resume, you will be persuaded of my ability to perform well and become a valuable asset to YYY PR & Marketing Bureau. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely,

Lynn Chambers

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