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Sample Office Manager Cover Letter

How to write a cover letter for an office
management job application

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The sample office manager cover letter below illustrates how to professionally present your case briefly and powerfully. The letter starts by affirmation of interest in the vacant post and explains how it aptly fits in with the applicant’s career aspirations. This example cover letter for office managers is kept to four brief paragraphs. The mid section of the letter explains the job applicant's experience and qualifications within office management and goes on to highlight relevant skills that have been honed throughout the course of the applicant's progressive career in office administration.

In your letter, as in the example below, try to mention such skills as:

  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership and supervisory expertise
  • Ability to direct teams to set targets
  • Ability to lead proactively under pressure
  • Knowledge of administrative systems and tools
  • Ability to streamline administrative processes, increasing efficiency

The letter ends positively with the applicant's re-affirmation of interest for the job and eagerness at the prospect of becoming a member of the organisation. The applicant then goes on to remind the employer of areas in which his qualities will be hugely valuable.

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Dr Phillip Kawalski
Personnel Manager
Gullivers ZYAA Packaging Inc.
Warehouse Lot
Any Town
AK 22222

Dear Dr Kawalski,

Re: (Enter Position / Ref here)

I am applying in respect to the Office Manager job position to capitalise on sound administrative management experience, progress in my career and advance within office administration in general. The position is an ideal opportunity in view of my experience and career goals.

As you can see from my resume, I am accredited with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration; complemented by over a decade of progressive experience as an office management. I am presently attached as Office Manager at ZYC Systems, a role in which I oversee a staff of five and orchestrate all administration including Personnel, Contracts Negotiation, Credit Control and Human Resources.

My progressive experience within office management has enabled me to develop strong organisational and leadership skills, increasing my communications skills and client relation building capabilities. Having researched Gullivers ZYAA Packaging, I am convinced the position would fully utilize my skills and expertise gained through my education, training and work experience. I am dependable, resourceful and a good motivator with a record of leading administrative teams. Consequently, I believe I am a suitable candidate for the Office Manager post for these reasons.

I hope therefore, in considering my resume, you will be persuaded of my ability to perform well and become a valuable asset to Gullivers ZYAA Packaging. Meanwhile, I am available for interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely,

Jack Wilmer

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sample office manager cover letter