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Sample Non Profit Cover Letter

How to write a NGO cover letter
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In the sample non profit cover letter below, Dr Tobias Ericksen, an experienced Health Information Systems professional applies for the vacant Regional Director / Health Information Systems position and writes a compelling letter using 5 paragraphs. Good letters are written using 3-5 short paragraphs. In the first paragraph, Dr Ericksen begins by affirming his interest in the vacant position, explains why is a suitable candidate and how the vacant senior NGO position fits naturally with his experience and career ambitions.

Having introduced yourself along with your background and suitability in the opening paragraph, the middle section of the letter is your opportunity to elaborate on your current / previous roles, highlighting use of skills that are relevant to the vacant position. In this NGO cover letter example, because he has amassed considerable experience in his current position, Dr Ericksen uses three paragraphs to expand on his remit and achievements. You can use 1-3 short paragraphs for the middle section when compiling your own letters, depending on your experience and achievements.

This NGO cover letter example concludes in the final paragraph with Dr Ericksen reaffirming his interest in the vacant Regional Director / Health Information Systems position; and once again re-iterate his suitability for the post, giving compelling reasons. Always conclude your own cover letters using similar upbeat and confident re-affirmations.

Here is the sample non profit cover letter which you can use as a template:

Dr Tobias Ericksen
210 South East Avenue
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[ Enter date here ]

Mr Hidetaka Watanabe
Personnel Manager
XHO Local Office

Dear Mr Watanabe,

Re: (Enter Position / Ref here)

I am seeking the opportunity to apply myself to the vacant Regional Director / Health Information Systems position to enable me to capitalise on both my statistical, management and health information experience whilst allowing me to progress in my career and advance within these fields. The position offers an excellent opportunity for progression, since I have solid experience as a Regional Health Information Systems Manager.

As you can see from my resume, I am a multi-skilled health information systems professional and experienced statistician with solid background in epidemiology along with proven track record in management and organizational development. This embraces training, capacity building and project management in countries within South and South East Asia. My areas of expertise include Health Statistics, Medical Science, Nutrition, Epidemiology, Administration and Health Information Systems.

Currently, I am attached as Regional Health Information Systems Manager at the XHO South East Asia regional office, a position in which I have acquired significant and progressive experience for over twelve years. I coordinate support to countries in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national health systems information programmes. I also orchestrate support to countries to assist them develop hospital health information systems. In addition, I assist in strengthening individual nations' capacities for health system performance assessment through health facility census and surveys.

Significant results include several published regional committee papers on priority interventions for improving national health information systems (NHIS). I have also implemented successful promotions of country health systems through a variety of media channels. Another significant result includes successful implementation of capacity building of national teams to conduct epidemiological evaluation activities and data analysis.

I am convinced the vacant Regional Director / Health Information Systems position would utilize the knowledge and skills I have gained through my education and professional work experience. I believe I am a suitable candidate for the position in view of my education and successful track record supporting, promoting and managing health information systems. I hope therefore, that on consideration of my resume, you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well as Regional Director. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Annabelle Whyte

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