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Sample Hospitality Cover Letter

How to write hospitality cover letters,
highlighting achievements

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In our sample hospitality cover letter below, Gary Bannerman, a successful experienced hospitality professional and General Manager with 12 years experience within the resort industry applies for the vacant Operations Director position being offered by AABBCC Hotels. Gary writes convincingly about his suitability and hospitality experience using four short paragraphs. Aim to write your own letters using 3 - 5 paragraphs.

The letter starts with a positive interest in the Operations Director position and Gary goes on to state his suitability for consideration for the post, giving reasons why. In the second and third paragraphs, Gary explains his hospitality experience by describing his current role along with his achievements and other significant results. When writing your own cover letters, you should try to highlight use of relevant hospitality skills in your remit, skills such as:

  • Ability to implement sales, marketing and promotional strategies
  • Ability to streamline operational processes
  • Ability to mentor and lead teams to significant results
  • Ability to cultivate new business and retain existing customers
  • Ability to manage budgets efficiently and increase revenue
  • Ability to introduce new services and products

Gary Bannerman ends his letter as he started: confident and upbeat, reaffirming both his interest in the job and his suitability. He also goes further by confirming his awareness of AABBCC Hotels' group, their successes within the industry and his eagerness to be a member of their organization. Employers like candidates who show they have done their research. They also like candidates who express enthusiasm for the job and the possibility of becoming a member of their organization. Gary shows his desire on both accounts and stands a very good chance. Here is the letter.

Hospitality Operations Director

Gary Bannerman
80 Sea View Mount
West Palm Beach
FL 55555
[ Enter your telephone here ]
[ Enter your mobile here ]
[ Enter your Email here ]

[ Enter date here ]

Paul Brown
Personnel Manager
560, Marina Boulevard
Any Town
FL 33333

Dear Mr Brown,

Re: (Enter Position / Ref here)

I refer to the above Operations Director position recently advertised and attach my resume for your consideration. The position is an ideal fit for me, having already acquired over twelve years significant and progressive experience within hospitality sales and management. I believe the role will provide the enabling environment upon which I can fully utilise my skills and advance in my career.

As evidenced in my resume, I have amassed solid experience within the resort industry. I am currently attached as General Manager at the 350 room 5-star XYZ Hotel in West Palm Beach and have held this post for the past eight years. I manage a team of 20 staff within the Sales and Marketing Department along with over 250 other multi-disciplinary staff, ensuring smooth operations at all times.

I planned and implemented an operational strategy that increased the annual sales revenue by 40% through planned increases in a broad range of services including room sales, food and beverage, sailing and golf lessons, a luxury spa along with commissions derived from local island tours and scuba diving. I also successfully streamlined operational processes resulting in 10% overall cost reduction.

I am a highly disciplined, tenacious hospitality professional, always with a view of the big picture. I am confident of my ability to perform well as Operations Director. I hope therfore, on considering my application that you come to the same conclusion. It would be an honor to be a member of your organization, whose successes over recent years have set the tone within the industry. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Gary Bannerman

If you are writing a hospitality internship cover letter, in the first paragraph, explain briefly why you are an ideal candidate for an internship using reasons such as your interests, career aspirations, education (and previous work experience if applicable).

In the second paragraph, explain how your experience in related disciplines (such as sales, marketing, customer services and relevant courses), have convinced you that the hospitality industry is a serious and realistic long term career option that you are keen to pursue.

In the third paragraph of your hospitality internship letter, explain the qualities you will bring to the organization or institution such as your experience, qualifications, training, enthusiasm and determination to succeed.

In the final fourth paragraph, show enthusiasm for the opportunity to meet and confirm your intention to initiate contact in the coming days to arrange a meeting. Conclude your letter by leaving your contact details.

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You can use the above sample hospitality cover letter as a template to help structure your own letters. However, ensure your hospitality CV is professionally prepared and re-appraise it before responding to advertised vacancies.

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sample hospitality cover letter