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Executive Director Cover Letter Sample

How to write a cover letter for a senior excutive director
position highlighting achievements

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In the sample executive cover letter below, Gary Smith is Chief Executive Director at XYZ Inc. He is an accomplished management professional with a track record of turning round failing companies within the retail industry. In search of new challenges, Gary makes an approach in regard to a similar position.

In this example executive director cover letter Gary begins by confirming his interest in the vacant Chief Executive position and explains why he is confident of his suitability for the post. He then goes to explain his background and track record. When preparing your own executive cover letters, begin in this same upbeat and confident fashion.

In the next paragraph of this executive cover letter, Gary writes briefly about his role as Chief Executive Director at XYZ Inc along with his achievements and other significant results, using quantifiable key metrics. He then goes on to expand further on these metrics by listing them. The letter concludes with Gary's re-affirmation of his interest for the vacant job and his suitability. Here is the sample executive cover letter:

Gary Smith

9876 Upper Street
town, USA 22222
Home: 888-000-0000 Cell: 555-000-000



Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr _______ or Dear Sir/Madam

Re: (Enter Position / Ref here)

I was delighted to learn about the above mentioned Chief Executive position at your prestigious organization and hereby attach a copy of my resume for your consideration. I believe I am a suitable candidate for the position having gained over twenty years of significant and progressive experience turning previously loss-making retail companies into profitable concerns. Over the course of my career, my reputation as a trouble-shooter has grown and I regard challenges as opportunities for creative problem solving. I always focus on the big picture, view all my staff as valuable assets, always select the right people and always lead by example.

As you can see from my resume, I am Chief Executive Director at XYZ Inc. and have been in this role for eleven years. When I was appointed, the company was making a loss with a high staff turnover. At XYZ Inc I orchestrated a comprehensive re-structuring programme which led to significant cost reductions. I significantly reduced the number of retail outlets from an initial 420 stores and streamlined the company, significantly reducing annual operating costs by $30m; and $25m reduction in cash outflow.

Summary of Achievements:
  • I drove sales, marketing and distribution operations to rapid growth, achieving 700% increase in turnover for past 5 consecutive years. I also engineered successful merger proposals.
  • I established the Mid Western distribution outlet for an emerging global consumer brand and developed new client accounts with $25m annual turnover.
  • Integration of Southern operations, leading to significant cost reductions and synergy.
  • Successful integration of five businesses with total turnover of $120m.
  • Orchestration of successful re-branding of group
  • Re-structuring of sales and merchandising operations, reducing operating costs by 20%
  • Successfully introduced new product range, with $44m annual turnover

My background, successful track record and passion for delivering results make me ideally suited for the vacant position. I am in no doubt that, given the opportunity, I will make a significant and lasting contribution in the operational success and planned expansion of your organization. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Gary Smith

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