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In the sample engineer cover letter below, James Wang applies for an engineering job and writes a professional letter in just four brief paragraphs. He starts the letter by expressing his interest in the post and briefly explains why he is an ideal candidate for the post. All engineers should begin their letters in this manner irrespective of experience or discipline. So whether you are a senior engineering project manager like James Wang or a less experienced civil, mechanical, network, software or graduate engineer, always set the tone of your letter in a positive and upbeat manner.

In the second and third paragraph middle section of this engineering cover letter example, James Wang writes about his current and previous roles and briefly explains use of relevant engineering skills along with his achievements in turning difficult projects that had previously seemed impossible to complete. He goes on to explain in the third paragraph how his career has enabled him to develop specific relevant skills to a very high degree. James Wang is a project manager and as such elaborates on his project management, organizational and leadership skills. Whatever engineering discipline you are in, when writing engineering cover letters, the middle section is your opportunity to expand briefly on your daily use of relevant engineering expertise, be it aeronautical, civil, marine, mechanical, electrical engineering or other specialization.

Mr Wang concludes his letter in the fourth paragraph as he began, by re-iterating his interest in the job and the reasons why he believes he is an ideal candidate. Aim to conclude your letter in a similar upbeat and professional manner using the example as a template to customize and structure your own engineering cover letters.

To summarise, a good cover letter for engineering disciplines should be prepared in 3-5 brief paragraphs. Start and end by affirming your interest and suitability in the vacant position. In the middle section of the letter, mention your current / previous roles and explain use of engineering skills that are relevant to the job you are seeking. Here is the engineer cover letter example:

James Wang
420 Longview Avenue
New York
NY 77777
[ Enter your telephone here ]
[ Enter your mobile here ]
[ Enter your Email here ]

[ Enter date here ]

Mr James Henderson
Personnel Manager
ABCDE Engineering Contractors
460, Construction Boulevard
Any Town
NY 33333

Dear Mr Henderson,

Re: (Enter Position / Ref here)

I am seeking the opportunity to apply myself to the above position to enable me to capitalise on solid professional experience as an engineer whilst allowing me to progress in my career and advance within engineering in general. The position seems an ideal opportunity to further my career in view of my experience, knowledge and career aspirations.

As you can see from my CV, I have amassed over 20 years of significant, progressive experience in engineering project management within the oil and gas industries. I am presently attached as Engineering Manager at ABCD Gas Inc. and undertake multi-functional duties which embrace General Management, Projects, Engineering, Maintenance, Contracts and Procurement as well as Pipeline Management. Prior to this I worked as Project Manager at XYZ Construction where I took over a number of projects which had previously ground to a halt, turning them all round successfully.

My progressive engineering experience has provided me with the opportunity to develop strong client relation building skills and lead highly motivated multi-disciplinary teams. My experience has also enabled me to hone sound technical and project management expertise, increasing my ability to gather and synthesise complex technical information to solve operational problems swiftly and independently.

Having researched ABCDE Engineering Contractors, I am convinced the position would utilize the knowledge and skills I have gained through my education, training and work experience. I am highly motivated, resourceful and resilient, able to lead teams to significant results. I believe I am a suitable candidate for the position in view of my education, professional experience and long term commitment within engineering and management. I hope therefore, that on consideration of my resume, you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well and make a real contribution as a member of ABCDE Engineering Contractors. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

James Wang

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As mentioned earlier, you can make use of the above example letter by using it as a template to prepare your own letters. However, try to avoid sending well prepared letters with mediocre or badly prepared engineering CVs. Check and appraise your CV first before sending them out.

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