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Sample Administrative Cover Letter

Example showing best practises on how to write persuasive
letters for administrative job applications

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A well written letter will certainly make your resume stand out. The sample administrative cover letter below shows how to write a professional short letter in four short paragraphs introducing yourself, affirming your interest in the vacancy and explaining why you should be selected. In this insightful administrator cover letter example, the job applicant also mentions use of relevant administration skills in current and previous roles; and explains how they have been developed over a decade of progressive experience as an administrator. In the example, the job applicant is a senior administrator and as such mentions the following relevant competencies:

  • Ability to lead teams
  • Ability to organise and delegate administrative tasks
  • Ability to report to senior management
  • Ability to streamline / optimise efficient administrative processes

If care is not taken, a letter can easily become too long and becomes a replica of the accompanying resume. This must be avoided at all costs. In the administrative cover letter sample below, the applicant is careful to keep the letter brief, limiting it to just four paragraphs. In the final paragraph, the job applicant ends in a positive and upbeat manner, re-affirming his enthusiasm and interest in becoming a member of the organization. Writing an administration cover letter in this manner will prompt the reader to read your CV with more intent and will increase your chances in the recruitment process.

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Ms Jennifer Harowitz
Personnel Manager
XYZ Plastics
Plastics Road
Any Town
TX 55555

Dear Ms Harowitz,

Re: (Enter Position / Ref here)

I am applying for the vacant administrative position advertised in [ state where you saw the advert ]. The position seems ideally suited in view of my sound background as an experienced administrator and long term commitment within administration in general.

I am presently attached as Senior Administrative Officer at the Golden Gate Wholesale Supplies where I administer all administrative functions, directing a team of 8 staff within the Administration Department. I delegate administrative tasks, liaise extensively with internal departments and report to the board on a regular basis. I also liaise extensively with clients, issuing advice, resolving logistical problems and ensure unpaid invoices are settled within agreed credit period. my roles as Senior Administrative Officer at the Golden Gate Wholesale Supplies was preceded by a similar position at JB Fork Lift and Accessories where I directed a slightly smaller team.

For over a decade now I have honed sound leadership and supervisory skills directing teams, delegating administrative tasks and implementing efficient administrative processes, ensuring smooth and optimum administration. An excellent organiser and motivator, methodical and tenacious, I believe I am suitable for the vacant position in view of my experience, professionalism, reliability and long term aspirations within administration.

I hope therefore, that on consideration of my resume/CV, you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well and make a real contribution as a member of your organization. I am available for interview at any time; meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Milner

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The above sample administrative cover letter can be used as a template with which to write your own letters.

Whilst making sure your cover letters are effective and professionally written, it is important not to overlook your CV. This is a good time to seriously re-appraise your resume because an excellent cover letter should accompany an excellent resume.

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