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Importance of Taking Your Personality Test

Critical career defining reasons why you should get your myDISCprofile psychometric test results

Potential employers want to know the real you

In the past experience and qualifications might have been enough. Today however, on their own, they do not guarantee success in the recruitment process. Almost all employers today want to know the real person behind the persona; and they can find out using psychometric testing. Employers are now less dependent on the services of external test centres and most now conduct their own psychometric assessments in-house, enabling them to gauge candidates' aptitudes and personalities.

Even if you are not invited to a second interview due to intense competition, an employer can still recognize your value through your test results and may wish to contact you when positions arise in the future. In some cases, employers go as far as to create entirely new posts for candidates they can ill afford to overlook.

A significant proportion of interview questions are based on information acquired through psychometric assessment and by taking your own psychometric testing, you will gain a valuable head start over the competition by knowing:

  • More about your strengths
  • The kind of information employers want to find out about you

Align your personality towards a suitable career

Psychometric testing highlight people's strengths and weaknesses, pointing them to ideal vocations in which they can excel and draw maximum job satisfaction and personal fulfilment.