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What is Psychometric Testing?

Information on online psychomtric assessments, their importance and benefits for better job interviews and strategic career planning

Psychometric tests are used to understand human behaviour using a universally accepted standard, which today forms the basis of modern intelligence and personality testing. This section on psychometrics focus on online psychometric personality tests and their importance in career planning, job interviews and in the recruitment process.

What does psychometric testing measure?

Psychometrics center primarily on measurement and assessment of psychological traits relating to ability, aptitude and personality of individuals. Online softwares conduct measurements using questionnaires; and psychometric test results can be retrieved in the form of printed reports, or they can be downloaded.

What is the Impact of psychometric assessment on society?

Psychometric science has made a significant impact on society in general and in the recruitment process as a whole; and it continues to meet the challenges and complexity of modern day life, influencing the choices people make to shape their lives.

A test can help shape and direct your career

This section explains the main benefits of psychometric testing, concluding with an online personality test questions which can reveal your strengths, weaknesses and preferred work style.