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Types of Psychometric Tests Available

Information on the two main types of psychomtric assessments: psychometric personality type tests and reasoning assessments designed to gauge numerical and verbal aptitude

There are two main types of psychometric tests available. The first type, available online, are psychometric personality tests, which use questions for testing candidates' personality types. The second type are career aptitude tests which measure aptitude and ability using career aptitude questions.

Career personality type tests

A job applicant will most likely be asked to undertake a psychometric test by an employer because employers now commonly use these tests as an integral part of their recruitment process. The assessments are designed for gauging personality, helping you identify:-

  • Your preferred work style pattern
  • Your behavioural style and motivations to help in job matching

An important feature of psychometric tests is that there are no right or wrong answers. For meaningful results, psychometric tests should be answered as truthfully as possible.

In this comprehensive section on psychometrics, we explain why you should take the DISC test, one of the most popular online psychometric test software prior to your interview; and we explain the importance and benefits of a Personality Test using the internationally recognised DISC profiling system which measures personality and is available online.

Verbal / Numerical aptitude tests

As mentioned above, the second main type of psychometric test centers on ability and aptitude assessments for measuring intelligence in the following areas:

Verbal reasoning

These test for comprehension of written material and consist of brief narratives followed by a series of statements which require appraisal with regard to the content of the narratives.

Numerical reasoning

These test for comprehension of numerical data commonly presented in tabular form, graphical presentations and charts.

Diagrammatic reasoning

These are tests which assess logical interpretation of abstract information, using diagrams and symbols arranged within logical constructs. This form of testing is commonly applied to IT candidates.