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Wondering How to Pass Psychometric Tests is Futile

There is no way to master psychometric tests because there are no right or wrong answers

Many job seekers ponder on how to pass psychometric tests as though the questionnaires have right and wrong answers. The truth is that when assessing personality types, there is no right or wrong way to answer questions. Therefore the notion that you can actually pass psychometric tests does not apply. Likewise, you cannot fail a test.

However, the result of a psychometric test is enhanced when the questions are answered honestly.

The myDiscusprofile online psychometric questionnaire consists of 24 sets of multiple choice questions. Each question consists of four statements and you are required to select the statement that describes you the most; and select the statement that describes you the least. The more truthfully you answer the questions, the more accurate your result.

You should therefore focus on answering the questions as truthfully as possible, rather than worrying about passing your psychometric test.