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Benefits of myDISCprofile Psychometric Personality Test

Five major career defining benefits arising from the DISC career personality test

A psychometric personality test will help you understand your strengths and weaker areas

The myDISCprofile online personality test questionnaire comes with printable test results giving you invaluable insight into your individuality, outlining your strengths and weaknesses.

Research on psychometric test papers show that people are more fulfilled and most productive in fields in which they are able to draw on their natural strengths and talents. The myDISprofile personality aptitude test helps you to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, giving you a deeper insight and understanding about yourself, helping you channel your creative energies in suitable careers.

Points you to appropriate careers and work style

Apart from identifying your strengths and weaknesses, your psychometric test result maps your behavioural style and core motivations to areas and patterns of work which best suit your unique make-up, enabling you to make decisive career choices.

myDISCprofile helps you prepare better for job interviews

Taking the online personality test questions gives you an immediate head start, giving you the same information about yourself which an employer will have during an interview; and by knowing what to expect, you can better prepared by focusing objectively on your main strengths. Also, by identifying your relative weaknesses, you can reflect on them objectively and prepare suitable answers in the event they are mentioned by the interviewer.

A powerful addition to your CV/resume

By taking the DISC electronic psychometric test paper, you can download, print the result and use it as a powerful addition to your CV and covering letter, giving an employer additional valuable information about yourself.

A final note on why you should not ignore taking a psychometric test

According to Personnel Today magazine, "It has been estimated that some 70 per cent of UK organisations test their workforce either for personality or ability before making a job offer or conferring a promotion".

Download your own printable psychometric test report today.