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Premier Executive CV Format

High calibre professional presentation characterised by substantial additional information

The Premier Executive CV format is designed for senior executives who have amassed a high volume of additional specialist information that needs to be conveyed to recruiters / employers.

Factual additional information is appended to the main body of the CV. For instance, a senior medical specialist might wish to highlight research reports and publications or additional remits, perhaps in management or teaching. Any attempt at this level to edit this type of information to the main body will alter the shape of the document (which ought to be 3 - 4 pages in length) making it too long. If the recruiter / employer finds the document too long, then they may well put it aside.

Flexibility without compromise

Separating high volume of information from the main body of the CV not only enhances the chance of selection and offers a flexible approach to targeting employers. Where the requirement is purely for career record and achievements, you forward the main body of the CV. On the other hand, as is usual in high calibre positions, if you are required to convey additional information, you can forward your CV and append additional pages. At this level, employers expect this type of document.

This format is intended for the following categories:

  • Senior Medical Practitioners / Consultants
    Senior specialist personnel with considerable experience, who wish to elaborate on specialist remits.
  • Senior Academics
    Academics in scientific, technical and other disciplines who wish to highlight research material, publications and similar information.
  • Senior IT professionals / Project Managers
    Senior personnel who wish to elaborate on additional skills or projects in which they played a significant role.
  • Senior Management Executives / Consultants
    Senior executives and managers, with track records driving sustained growth.
  • Senior Engineers / Technical Managers
    Senior engineering / technical managers who wish to elaborate on varied technical skills, achievements or major projects successfully managed.
  • Other Professionals in Diverse Fields
    Professionals with long track records in varied fields who wish to highlight specific remits successfully undertaken.

Senior Executive clients tend to have more extensive career histories and achievements which require careful analysis and structuring. These successes are professionally presented, typically using 3 - 4 pages.

As with the Executive CV, we customise each profile for maximum impact and compelling power, highlighting individual achievements and other significant results.

Premier Executive CV cost and turnaround time

  • Price: 169 [ check this price in other currencies ]
  • Turnaround time: 1 - 3 days
  • Compiled in MS Word Format
  • Delivered Via Email

Ensuring your CV is of the highest quality

In order to deliver executive style CVs of the highest quality catering for all industries, the Premier Executive and the other executive style formats are handled exclusively by experienced consultants from diverse fields including management, legal, medical, IT and other technical fields.

Before ordering the Premier Executive CV, you may wish to view our guide on how to order, prior to completing the secure order form.

Premier Executive CV


> DELIVER: 1 - 3 days
> PRICE: 169