Asbestos Roof Removal Advice

how to remove asbestos roofs safely from workplace, public and private buildings using licensed contractors

Because asbestos roof removal and safe disposal are hazardous, they should always be carried out by qualified and licensed contractors with the necessary expertise and experience to perform such removals.

Asbestos cement is a composite mixture of asbestos and cement widely used as corrugated roofing on garages, sheds, industrial units and farm buildings in the twentieth century from the mid forties to the late seventies. Consequently today, many commercial developers use contractors for safe removal of asbestos roofs during demolitions and refurbishments.

If you are seeking help on how to remove an asbestos roof, licensed contractors will undertake removal and disposal of asbestos roofs within strict government health and safety regulations, ensuring all asbestos materials are removed from site by authorised carriers and disposed in approved government designated hazardous waste disposal sites.

A licensed asbestos roof removal contractor will inspect your roof, recommend an action plan and advice on the total costs. They will implement a measured course of action for removing your roofing and prevent exposure to asbestos. Only licensed contractors can ensure total health and safety within the workplace throughout the removal process.

Call different contractors for a free quotation and remember to ask if there are any additional or hidden charges when asking for a quote. If your roof is insured, you can ask the insurer about the possibility for them to send out licensed contractors to remove your old asbestos roof.

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