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Training Manager CV

Training management CVs professionally compiled
highlighting relevant skills and achievements

Over the past decade we have prepared winning training manager CV compilations that have enabled our clients in the UK and overseas to enter into training management jobs and make significant career progression.

Customising your training management CV

Because of our extensive experience preparing quality CVs for training managers, our senior consultants understand the skills and competencies of professionals in this field; and we incorporate and expertly highlight these skills along with significant results and records of achievements. Some of these skills include your:

  • Collaborative experience with other managers identifying training needs of employees
  • Experience formulating strategic training plans that meet your organization's future plans
  • Ability to manage budgets
  • Experience devising and facilitating training internally
  • Collaborative experience with training providers
  • Ability to proactively appraise effectiveness of training courses
  • Expertise in assessing employee developmental needs
  • Ability to review and assess staff development
  • Other significant inputs leading to measurable benefits to the organization and staff development

By incorporating these skills along with other competencies and management achievements, we can transform your resume into a compelling document that sells your strengths with power and:

What type of CV do I need as a training manager?

We write training managers' CVs with our popular and powerful Executive CV format which we use to profile managers with up to 20 years work experience.

For more senior managers who have amassed professional work experience exceeding 20 years, the Senior Executive CV is used to highlight skills, achievements and successful records of managerial success.

Steps to ordering your CV/cover letter

To place your order online:

We have compiled powerful and winning CVs for training managers over the years and can do the same for you. Our CV consultants are available if you have any questions concerning our services. Contact us today and we'll help keep your career on an upward path.

Training manager CV