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School Business
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CVs for school bursars highlighting
skills and achievements

Our CV consultancy has over the years prepared compelling school business manager CVs, helping place bursars into attractive positions and advance within their management careers in schools.

Highlighting your school business management skills

We highlight all the main skills and expertise of an experienced bursar along with achievements, including your experience:

  • Recruiting, training and leading ancilliary and other staff.
  • Managing accounts.
  • Managing tenders and contracts.
  • Experience preparing reports and presenting financial policy.
  • Collaborating with contractors and school suppliers.
  • Managing expenditure within budgets.
  • Keeping operational costs down.
  • Organizing maintenance and renewal work.
  • Ensuring smooth administrative operations within your school.

In addition to your skills, we expertly highlight your achievements to give your CV a compelling power and persuasion. The finished resume:

What type of CV do I require for school business management job applications?

Our Executive CV presentation caters for school managers with work experience up to twenty years.

The Senior Executive CV format caters for more experienced managers with professional experience over 20 years.

How to order your CV/cover letter

To order your CV online:

We have a track record for writing winning CVs for school business managers and we can help you maintain an upward track in your career with a professional CV. If you have any particular issues to discuss, please contact us for a friendly chat with one of our senior CV writers.

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