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Quality Manager CV

Cover letters and CVs for quality managers
highlighting skills and achievements

We have over 10 years experience preparing winning quality manager CV compilations, helping many managers into quality assurance management jobs in the United Kingsom and overseas.

Highlighting quality asurance management skills expertly

Our senior CV writers have insightful knowledge of skills and expertise of quality assurance managers and we expertly highlight these skills when preparing CVs for professionals in this field. Some of these skills include:

  • Experience improving operational processes.
  • Skill in meeting quality assurance targets.
  • Ability to forge strong client relationships.
  • Knowledge of legislations and standards.
  • Knowledge of health and safety issues.
  • Experience implementing quality standards and procedures.
  • Experience documenting policies and procedures.
  • Experience implementing training programmes.
  • Analytical skills monitoring performance metrics.
  • Experience overseeing technical tests.
  • Ability to provide startegic vision.
  • Experience implementing change in operating procedures to improve quality methods.

By featuring your skills and achievements, we can transform your CV into a powerful document that:

  • Begins with a powerful profile statement.
  • Highlights your procurement management skills.
  • Highlights your general management skills.
  • Highlights your achievements as a quality manager.
  • Utilises the latest formatting and presentational style.
  • Makes you stand out.
  • Adds a winning and professional edge to your profile.

Ideal CV formats for quality assurance management profiles

We write CVs for quality managers using our popular and versatile Executive CV. This caters for professionals with work experience up to twenty years. For more senior quality managers with professional experience exceeding twenty years, we use the Senior Executive CV format to present and profile records of significant results and achievements.

How to order your CV/cover letter

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For over a decade, we have been writing compelling CVs for quality managers and we can do the same for you. contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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