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Horticultural Manager CV

CVs for horticultural management professionals
highlighting skills and achievements

Professional CV Services is an established UK CV writing consultancy with over eight years experience in horticultural management CV preparations. Our expertise has assisted professional horticulturists win jobs and advance within horticultural management.

Tailored CV solutions to match your horticultural management requirements

Our senior CV writers have solid understanding of the skills and qualities required by horticultural managers and our expertise lies in knowing these skills and expertly highlighting them in CVs. Some of these skills include your:

  • Experience recruiting and managing staff
  • Knowledge of production horticulture
  • Ability to manage garden centres
  • Experience directing amenity horticulture such as gardens and public parks
  • Sound experience directing and supervising diverse types of cultivations
  • Ability to formulate business strategy and plans
  • Sound organizational skills
  • Experience managing budgets
  • Researching and analytical skills
  • Ability to make accurate costing
  • Sound negotiating skills
  • Experience developing markets and products
  • Experience directing planting designs and layouts
  • Knowledge of health and safety directives within horticultural environments
  • Ability for introducing improved operational procedures

These skills and achievements are expertly crafted by our senior CV writers within the body of your CV, giving rise to a powerful and compelling resume profile that:

Proven formats for presenting horticultural management CV profiles

We write horticultural manager CVs using our popular and highly effective Executive CV format. This style caters for managers with up to 20 years professional work experience.

For more senior professionals with over 20 years work experience, the Senior Executive CV format is used to present and emphasise records of significant results in management.

Placing your CV/cover letter order

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We can write a winning horticultural management CV for you today. If there are any issues you would like to discuss, please contact us today for a friendly chat.

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