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Facilities Manager CV

CVs for facilities managers highlighting
skills and achievements

We have more than 10 years experience preparing powerful facilities manager CV compilations and our CVs have helped many facilities managers to secure jobs in the UK and overseas. See our Testimonials page.

Highlighting your facilities management skills and achievements

Our expertise lies in highlighting relevant skills within facilities management including:

  • Expertise in maintaining properties.
  • Experience in renovating and refurbishing buildings.
  • Knowledge of building regulations and legal directives.
  • Expertise for enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Knowledge of health and safety.
  • Day to day experience managing facilities.
  • Experience dealing with stakeholders.
  • Ability to manage budgets and staff.
  • Experience overseeing building security.
  • Achievements and other significant results.

We use this information to write you a powerful CV that:

  • Features a compelling profile statement.
  • Highlights your facilities management skills.
  • Highlights your general management skills.
  • Highlights your achievements s a facilities manager.
  • Uses the latest formatting and presentational style.
  • Makes you stand out.
  • Adds a winning edge to your profile.

What type of CV do I require for facilities management applications?

We write CVs for facilities managers with up to 20 years work experience using our Executive CV format. We cater for managers with more than 20 years work experience with our Senior Executive CV.

How to order your CV/cover letter online

To order your CV:

We can prepare a winning facilities manager CV compilation for you as we have done for other professionals over the past decade. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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