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Sample Letter of Sympathy Condolence Phrases

Free words of condolence and comforting messages for the bereaved

In this guide we explain how to express sincere condolences using a sample letter of sympathy. The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult and challenging times in one's life. At such times, a well written sympathy letter can be of immense comfort. If you wish, instead of a letter, you can write a condensed version with fewer words in the form of a commercial sympathy card or note.

For maximum effectiveness, a letter should be personalized and written by hand to add a personal touch. The more your condolence letter communicates genuine heartfelt concern and sympathy, the more comfort and support your message will convey to the bereaved. When writing, this is best achieved if you imagine you are speaking to the bereaved in your letter, as though he/she is in the same room with you.

The following example letter of sympathy demonstrates the main elements used for writing comforting letters for the bereaved. You don't need to copy these condolence message samples word for word; they are merely designed to give you a general idea on how to write and personalize your own letter using your knowledge of the bereaved.

a) Acknowledge the bereavement and mention the name of the deceased.

Dear ______,

"Jane and I were disturbed and saddened by the untimely death of your son, _________."

b) Next, convey your sincere condolence.

"Please accept our deepest and heartfelt condolence at this most challenging time."

c) Highlight endearing qualities of the departed.

"He was such a positive role model and inspiration to his sister"

d) Mention your memory of the deceased. If you are unable to think of anything, you can use the following condolence example: "He will sorely be missed by all"

"We enjoyed meeting your son last year during your daughter's wedding. He seemed such an endearing young man."

e) Also mention strengths and qualities of the bereaved.

"I have always known you as a strong and calm character and I know at this moment of loss those qualities will be of immense help."

f) Offer specific assistance which you are committed to fulfilling.

"I will telephone you in a couple of days. Jane and I would be happy to offer assistance towards the funeral expenses."

g) Begin to finalize with an empowering verse, quote or adage such as "You are in our thoughts and prayers".

"Our thoughts are with you and your family at this most difficult time of loss"

h) End with a personalized line:

"With caring and sincere respects

(Signed) __________

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sample letter of sympathy condolence phrases


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