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Examples of Sympathy Notes

Sample notes of sympathy showing how to express support using brief condolence notes

Sympathy notes offer a brief alternative to their longer letter versions. As with letters, a well written note can bring strength and support to the bereaved. We demonstrate this with typical examples of sympathy. Notes are best expressed when they are personalised with sincerity of feelings. Human beings are sensitive and if your deepest thoughts and heartfelt sorrow are conveyed in the note, they will be picked up, imparting some measure of comfort to the bereaved.

As with letters, you should add a personal touch by writing your sympathy note by hand on a quality printed sympathy card. You can emphasise the personal touch even more by writing on a quality hand-made card.

When writing, organize and structure your note using the following framework (which also form part of the framwork for writing longer sympathy letters):

  • Acknowledge the loss, mentioning name of the deceased
  • Offer sympathy at the news
  • Mention qualities of the deceased or the bereaved
  • Finish the note with an empowering word of goodwill

a) Acknowledge the loss and mention the name of the deceased.

Dear ______,

"Jane and I are deeply sorry to hear of your father _______'s death."

b) Offer your sympathy.

"Please accept our sincere and deepest sympathy at this difficult time."

c) Highlight qualities of the deceased (or the bereaved relative).

"I have always known you to be a strong and resourceful person and I am sure your strength of character will help you cope at this difficult time"

d) Conclude with an empowering word of goodwill

"Our thoughts are with you and your mother."

(Signed) __________"

The above sample notes of sympathy are intended to give you an insight on structuring a balanced note. Try not be follow them pro verbatim; instead try to tailor them appropriately to the case in hand.

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