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Difficult Interview Questions
and Answers

How to answer difficult
interview questions

Below is a selection of difficult interview questions and answers. These questions are set by employers to assess candidates' suitability. Employers want to make long term investments developing candidates but first must be certain of their suitability; hence the need for devising difficult questions.

To handle difficult interview questions well, you will need to demonstrate why you are in your particular career, what your long term aspirations are and how these aspirations align with the prescribed job and the organization. You will also be required to elaborate on your achievements. The best possible way to prepare answers to difficult interview questions is to research commonly asked questions for the field you are applying. Practice answering them in mock sessions with a friend until you are comfortable with your answers and delivery.

Sample selection of difficult interview questions:

Tell us about yourself
This is a typical starting question so make sure you prepare and rehearse your answer. Try to limit your answer to about two minutes. Mention your education, training, work experience, skills and your career goals in relation to the prescribed job. Make sure you don't over-elaborate.

What is your weakness?
This is a common tough interview question but do not be perturbed. It is designed to test how you cope with pressure. You can turn questions directed at a perceived weakness to your advantage with good preparation. For example, you can compose an answer like this: "I possess strong ability for absorbing complex information. This is intuitive to me and although my colleagues are sometimes critical of this trait, I am learning how to direct others who are not as methodical as I am."

Tell us what you know about this organization?
Interviewers often weed out candidates who fail to answer this question satisfactorily. This is based on the assumption that if a candidate fails to show sufficient interest to find out about an organization, then that mind-set will likely manifest in other areas of his/her work, if appointed. So be prepared by researching the company thoroughly. Find out about the organization's history, corporate philosophy, successes and future plans. However, do not over-elaborate to the point of boring or lecturing the interviewers. You are only required to show reasonable knowledge of a potential employer.

Why do you wish to work in this organization?
The interviewer wants to know what you can do for the organization. You need to talk about contributions you know you can you bring to the employer and you will need to highlight how the challenges of the job align with your career goals. Also mention how the organization's corporate philosophy attracts and matches your own aspirations. Finally, mention relevant skills, expertise, qualifications and achievements that bear relevance to the job.

Tell us why you think we ought to appoint you
This question requires a similar answer as the one above. Re-iterate with enthusiasm relevant skills you can bring to the company. Mention that you are enthusiastic to be a part of the organization and how your input can help improve the organization.

You should go through these difficult interview questions and answers several times to get an insight on the type of questions to expect and how to answer them using a common sense approach.

Difficult interview questions and answers