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Second Interview Thank
You Letters

How to write a second interview
thank you letter

Second interview thank you letters offer a great opportunity to emphasise your skills, achievements and knowledge of the company along with how your qualities can benefit the employer. You can also express gratitude for the interest which the employer has clearly shown in you. The letter will be your opportunity to affirm your continuing interest in the organization. A well written letter will portray you as a consummate professional, thoughtful and thorough; and will further consolidate all the positives you have painstakingly amassed, way back from the time you first despatched your CV and cover letter. In the later stages of a tough and competitive selection process, the employer might be left with you and one or a couple of other candidates, all evenly matched. Expressing a genuine "thank you" note may well tip the scale in your favour.

Your second interview thank you letter should:

  • Express your thanks to the interviewers for their time and the information they shared with you.
  • Re-emphasise your strengths, skills and achievements in relation to the job.
  • Re-affirm your interest in the organization.
  • Highlight any points you either omitted or felt you did not emphasise sufficiently during the interview.
  • Mention any additional relevant information which you feel will strengthen your position.

Write your letter in three short paragraphs. In the first paragraph of the letter, thank all the interviewers for their time. Make sure you collect their names and contact details immediately following the interview. If not, you can obtain these details by contacting the company. The second paragraph should be kept to a maximum of four sentences in which you either:

  • Emphasise your key skills and achievements which are most relevant to the position.
  • Or
  • Emphasise any area which you felt were omitted or not fully highlighted during the interview.

The final paragraph of your second interview thank you letter should also be kept brief. Here you should re-affirm your interest in the company and express your enthusiasm for the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the organization.

Finally, make sure you check your letter for spelling and grammatical errors.

Second Interview Thank You Letters