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Second Interview Questions

Second interview tips with detailed explanation on
what to expect during a 2nd invitation

It is important that you familiarise yourself with second interview questions to ask. As with first interviews, one of the most important second interview tips is the need to exude confidence in yourself and your abilities. A second interview is an opportunity for both the employer and you to know one another in more detail. For the employer, they will want to know more about your personality, skills, social etiquette and how you fit within their organization and corporate culture. The interview is also your opportunity at first hand to assess if the job, the company and its corporate philosophy really fit with your career goals and values. The following 2nd interview tips highlight key areas to focus on.

Review thoroughly and update your earlier research

Second interviews can be lengthy affairs and commonly last an entire day. The first step is to request for a schedule to anticipate and keep abreast of planned events. The interview will offer plenty of opportunities to impress with your knowledge of the organization. You should therefore review your earlier research on the company, making sure you familiarise with relevant information you might have missed during your first interview. You will need to be informed not only about the job, but also the company, its corporate philosophy, current plans and future direction. You can then use this information to answer tough questions and pose pertinent questions of your own, back to the interviewer(s).


Make sure you leave the entire day in your diary for the interview. You will be required, unless specifically told otherwise to present yourself in smart business dress, as in your first interview. Make sure not to wear the same attire you wore during your first interview. Although you'll be meeting different people on your second invitation, you may well come across interviewer(s) that were present at your first meeting. As with all interviews, always allow sufficient time to ensure you arrive at your destination early.

The employer wants to know if you fit in with their organization

During the course of the day, you will be introduced to personnel including management and staff members in various departments. You will be working directly with some of these people so you will need to make a positive impression upon all of them. It is imperative you aim to extend a genuine warm connection with everyone you meet. The employer will want to gauge your response in various settings, some of them informal venues such as restaurants and bars. As in the first interview, a key element for success is quiet confidence in yourself and your abilities. Lunches commonly feature in second interviews; employers use these occasions to check on candidates social skills, etiquette and table manners. Be careful with alcohol, if it's offered it could be to check if you have a weakness for it. People sometimes volunteer information under the influence of alcohol which ordinarily they would not in more formal settings.

Employers commonly deploy panel interviews so you should anticipate and be prepared for them. One very important rule when facing a panel is always to maintain eye contact with all the interviewers, not just the one whose question you are addressing.

Example of 2nd Interview Questions

Second interview questions tend to be more challenging than those asked during first sessions. You may be asked the same questions that were asked at your first interview. You might also be asked probing questions designed to gauge your personality and technical acumen. Some questions may be thrown in to assess how you cope with pressure. Always answer questions with enthusiasm and confidence. The following is a selection of common second interview questions for you to ask:

  • If you don't receive an offer, ask "What is the next stage in the selection process?"
  • "When you launched the second share option last year, what areas did the company specifically have in mind to invest the money into?"
  • "I saw on the company's website it plans to offer staff at all levels a stakeholders share options offer in the company. Can you please tell me more about this plan."

How to Handle an "On the Spot Job Offer"

If you are offered the job on the spot, ask for time to consider the offer. Ask the employer when they would like a decision from you. Take a balanced appraisal before making a commitment take could influence your career for years. You need to be sure in your mind the job, the company, the environment, vision and culture are in line with your values, needs and aspirations.

Formal Thank You Notification

It is common and good practice to ask for contact details from everyone you meet. Follow this up after the interview by sending them brief thank you letters via email.

Try to study the above selection of second interview questions to gain an insight on the type of questions you should ask. This will largely be dependent on the specific organisation and your knowledge of the organisation. Adequate preparation is your passport to success and by knowing what to expect during a second job interview, you can face all the challenges in a convincing and professional manner, building on your first interview performance.

Second Interview Questions and Tips