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Sample After Interview
Thank You Letters

How to write after interview
thank you letters

It is customary to forward after interview thank you letters by mail to interviewers. In many technical industries such as Information Technology it is fine to forward your letter via email. Ideally, you should ensure your letter reaches the recipient within 24 hours. This can be decisive in situations where an employer has to decide between two evenly matched candidates. In instances such as this, the candidate that sends a letter will have an edge.

In competitive job markets, the difference between success and failure can sometimes be decided on a job interview thank you letter so always remember to ask the interviewer for his/her card at the end of an interview. Here is a sample "interview letter after an interview":

Mrs. Jackie Smith
Texas Oil & Investments, Inc.
33 Mayflower Street
Houston, TX 94102

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the project management position at Texas Oil & Investments, Inc, with me today. After meeting you and having observed the organization's operations I am convinced my skills and qualifications match the requirements of the job.

I am really appreciative of the fact that you availed so much of your time to acquaint me with the organization. It does not surprise me the company continues to enjoy one of the highest staff retention rates in the industry. You imparted so much information I am confident I will learn much from you; and I sincerely look forward to

working with you. I am confident I will bring strong organizational and management expertise to the post.

In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you regarding the decision on the vacant position. Thank you once again for your time and consideration.


Alan Jones

The above after interview thank you letter should give you an insight on how to construct an effective letter. You can use it as a template to structure your own post interview letter.

After Interview Thank You Letters