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Common Job Interview
Sample Questions

Sample of common job interview
questions with answers

To assist you with your interview preparation, we have selected a further list of job interview questions. For optimum interview performance, it is extremely important that you familiarise yourself with as many questions as possible. The following sample questions are presented with appropriate answers, intended to give you an insight on their common sense approach. The more you familiarize yourself with questions, the more you can readily adapt and present appropriate answers on-the-fly. Ideally, when answering questions, try to draw evidence from your CV.

Sample selection of typical interview questions:

1. How do you handle pressure?
This is a common question and rather tricky. Most people actually perform at their best under a little amount of stress. However, too much stress can cripple and is bad for good health and performance. The best approach, therefore is to tell the interviewer(s) that you perform well with the right balance of stress and that you never allow stress to overwhelm you. You can formulate a good answer like this: "Rather than reacting to stress, I aim to react to situations. This way, I manage and resolve situations before they become stressful and overwhelming."

2. Tell me what motivates you
This interview question is designed to give the interviewer an insight on what motivates you. They want to assess whether it fits with the requirement of the job on offer. There is no actual good or bad way to answer this question. A good common sense approach would be to tell the interviewer that you are motivated to perform well, no matter what the task or project may be. You can also add that you are motivated by challenges and enjoy personal satisfaction in resolving issues.

3. Do you prefer to work alone or within a team?
Employers want people that can work independently on their own initiative while being also able to work effectively and proactively within a team. The best answer, therefore, is to explain that you can work well both independently and within team settings.

4. Tell us your goals for the next five years
Here, you are required to mention professional aspirations rather than your plans within your private life. Moreover, you should associate the company with your aspirations. You can give an answer such as: I am seeking career progression within a role in which I can draw upon my skills and assume more responsibilities in an organization like this.

These job interview sample questions should give you an insight on how to positively address questions. The more you familiarize with questions, the more proficient you will become in handling both anticipated as well as unexpected questions. Finally, always look at all your interviewers in the eye when answering questions. Above all, show enthusiasm both for the job and the possibility of working for the prospective employer.

Job Interview Sample Questions