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Sample of Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Selection of typical job interview
questions with answers

Familiarity with common job interview questions and answers is an important determinant for interview success. It is also important to research potential employers. To assist candidates, we have prepared a comprehensive 30 page interview section packed with free sample interview questions and answers. The example below features a selection of common questions and answers.

A) You and your achievements:

1. If you were to restart your career again what would you do differently?
State that you would not do anything differently. You are where you are today because of the positive decisions and steps you took in the past.

2. Do you presently have any career options?
Briefly mention several related options, including the job on offer.

3. What is your definition of success?
Mention the ability to resolve issues, taking on responsibilities and fulfilment in doing a job well.

4. So far in your career, how successful would you say you have been?
Elaborate on positive aspects of your career by mentioning your accomplishments. Include academics successes and your achievements in the work place.

5. What have been your four most significant achievements in your current or last position?
Give exactly the number asked. If you have more than the specified number, ask the interviewer if he/she would like to here them.

B) The organisation:

6. How long do you intend to stay with our organisation?
Answer that you will stay in a company as long as you both feel challenged.

C) Why you are searching for a new position:

7. What opinion do you have of your (former) boss?
For obvious reasons, if you denigrate or belittle your current or former boss, a potential boss will take the view that you will talk about them in a similar fashion at some point in time.

8. Do you intend to take your boss's job?
Be diplomatic and say your wish is always to assume greater responsibility and that your immediate objective at any given time is to get the job done.

D) Your management style:

9. What essential elements do you look for when you hire staff?
Mention skills such as leadership, initiative, team-working and reliability.

10. Have you fired staff before? If so under what circumstances?
You should state that it was not something you enjoyed but had to execute in line with company disciplinary policy.

You can find more common job interview questions and answers in our 30 page interview section using the links below. Studying the answers will give you a deeper understanding on how to answer any question.

Common job interview questions and answers