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How to Answer Interview Questions

Examples showing how to answer
tough job interview questions

The sample below shows how to answer common interview questions. To perform well, you need to prepare well by familiarising yourself with a broad selection of answers to tough interview questions. You don't need to remember answers in a parrot-like fashion because the actual questions you will be presented during your interview may differ. The best approach is to get an insight on the common sense approach that characterise all good answers. The more experience you have in knowing how to answer interview questions, the better equipped you will be.

The following are a selection of answers to common interview questions your interviewers may ask you:

A) Questions about you:

1. Why do you believe we should appoint you?
Briefly give relevant answers with regard to your education, skills and achievements. Explain the benefits you can bring to the company as a valued member.

2. What are the aspects of a job that you like the most?
Mention the opportunities and challenges a job brings, along with fulfilment, job satisfaction and recognition from colleagues and superiors for good work.

B) Job interview answers: for questions about the company:

3. Do you not think you might be better off in a larger organisation?
Here, the interviewer wants to find out if you are committed. Calmly explain that from your research of the company, you are confident both the job and the company are in alignment with your plan for career progression.

4. If you had the opportunity to choose any organisation, what would be your choice?
Always say you would go to the company that is interviewing you.

5. Are there any other careers/jobs you are considering at this moment in time?
Limit your answer to related jobs/fields.

C) The interviewer may ask why you are searching:

6. Why is it you have not found a job so far?
State that finding a job is not difficult but rather, finding the right job that is in line with your career aspirations requires time.

D) They may also want to quiz you on your management style:

7. Do you believe you have the qualities to be a good manager?
Answer confidently with a resounding "yes" and briefly give reasons, highlighting your leadership skills, project management experience and achievements.

You should read the above questions and answers several times to get an insight on how to answer common interview questions. Calmness, confidence, adequate preparation and vital insight on how to answer questions will maximise your chances for success.

How to answer common interview questions