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Good Answers to Interview Questions

Typical answers to tough
interview questions

When you know how to construct good answers to interview questions, you maximise your chances for selection in the recruitment process. To perform well, it helps to practise mock interviews to sharpen your overall performance. You will need to familiarise yourself with a broad selection of typical job interview answers to tough questions. This 30 page section on interview preparation will give you access to a broad selection of answers. The following example features answers to common interview questions.

Questions about you:

1. How do you best handle pressure and tight deadlines?
Briefly use relevant examples from your current/past remits.

2. Please tell me your long-term aspirations?
State your answer in relation to the organisation.

3. What do you find most attractive and least attractive about this position?
Briefly mention two or three attractive features of the job and a minor aspect that is less attractive.

4. Tell me what you like most in your current/last job?
Avoid disparaging remarks and personality conflicts.

5. Have you in the past considered leaving your present job? If so, what factors led you to remain?
You can say that you remained due to the challenges the position offered but you now desire new challenges elsewhere.

Questions for those in management positions:

6. What do you think are the most difficult aspects about being a good and successful manager today?
Mention essential aspects of project management and the need to motivate teams to accomplish objectives.

7. Do you think you are a leader?
Highlight leadership skills with examples evidenced in your CV.

You can find more good answers to interview questions using the links below. Many candidates get flustered when they are confronted with unexpected interview questions but with adequate preparation, you should be able to handle any question.

Good answers to interview questions