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Free Answers to Interview Questions

Selection of some of the best answers to
interview questions

Try to study and apply our selection of free answers to interview questions listed below as part of your job interview preparation. Familiarity with the answers and understanding the reasoning behind them will give you adequate insight on what to expect and how to structure your answers. We have included scores of insightful answers to tough interview questions throughout our 30 page section devoted solely to job interview questions and answers. With adequate practice, you will be able to handle questions including the unexpected.

The following is a carefully selected sample of common answers to interview questions. They include questions about you and the organisation you wish to work for.

A) Best answers to interview questions about you and your achievements:

The interviewer will want to find out as much as possible about you to assess whether you fit the job and their corporate culture. The following represent common answers to questions about you, the candidate and your achievements:

1. Please talk through your CV
This is a typical opening invitation and is your opportunity to present to the interviewer(s) your skills, talents and achievements.

2. What you can do for this organization?
Simply highlight your skills and achievements in relation to the job.

B) Common answers to interview questions about the employer:

3. Tell me what you know about our organization?
You should have researched the company. Elaborate on the organization's history, philosophy, achievements and plans.

4. What are your main reasons for wanting to work for this organization?
You should have researched the company sufficiently to know its strengths. Highlight positive aspects about the company which you would like to partake in.

5. How would you describe the job (which you are being interviewed)
Give explanation in relation to the job spec, responsibilities and accountabilities.

C) Question on why you are looking for work:

6. Why are you leaving your job (or left)?
Be brief and mention your primary reason is that you are driven by strong career aspirations and need for progression.

D) A question about your management style:

7. How would you describe your management style?
If you have researched the company, try to mention management styles that are in alignment with the organization's own style of management. Mention elements such as delegating tasks appropriately, listening, lateral thinking strategies for resolving issues, etc.

These free answers to interview questions all require a common sense approach. Like everything in life, answering tough interview questions become easier with practice. Try to understand the reasoning behind questions. This will arm you with vital insight that will help you cope with unexpected questions in a calm manner.

Free answers to interview questions