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Exit Interview Techniques

Sample exit interview

Having good knowledge of exit interview techniques is just as important as familiarity with answers to common interview questions. This article is for people who are facing the prospect of answering exit interview questions through voluntary resignation, lay-off or sacking. Exit interview questions are used by employers to collect information that will help them enhance/correct their workplace practices, helping to improve working conditions and opportunities. Employers use the information to address issues such as discriminatory practices based on sex, age or ethnicity. Attending an exit interview is discretionary but it is a matter of courtesy to attend. If you do decide to attend, you should first familiarise yourself with common exit interview techniques.

You should have an idea what to say at an exit interview. Firstly, irrespective of the events leading to your invitation to an exit interview, before attending, you should get an undertaking from the organisation that any information you give will be treated with confidentiality. You should also assume a calm and dignified manner at all times during the interview. At the interview, you will be presented with an exit interview form to complete. You may find some of the questions trivial or irrelevant to your particular situation. Although we recommend you answer the exit interview questionnaire, if asked to sign documents you do not understand, you should ask for clarifications. Do not sign any documents if you do not understand their wording or their purpose.

The following is a selection of good exit interview questions:

  • What is your main reason for resigning?
  • Was there any particular thing that hastened your decision to leave?
  • Is there anything about the job you would alter?
  • Was your daily remit as you had anticipated?
  • What did you find most fulfilling about the job?
  • What did you find the least fulfilling about your job?
  • Did you receive adequate training to execute your remit?
  • Was there adequate support to assist you in your job?
  • Did you receive adequate feedback?
  • Were you happy with our progress and merit reviews?
  • Did we assist you to reach your career objective?
  • Can you help us find a replacement?
  • What measures would you implement to enhance our workplace?
  • Was our salary structure, incentive schemes and benefits adequate?

This guide and the above sample should assist you with knowing what to say at an exit interview.

Exit Interview Sample Questions and Techniques