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Interpreting and Reading Peoples'
Body Language

Understanding, reading and
interpreting gestures

Human beings constantly exude subtle examples of body language at a subconscious level. We are all also subconsciously reading and interpreting body language of other people. The problem is that while some gestures are good, others are bad and portray us in a bad light. It is therefore important when we relate with others that we understand how to read body language accurately. By knowing good and bad gestures, you can avoid the bad ones and adopt the positive.

Interviewers are experts in discerning body language and interpreting them so you must adopt good body language during job interviews. Every emotion has a corresponding gesture so at a job interview, when a person is lying, body language signs will manifest through fidgeting of hands, shifting eyes, general nervousness and even sweating.

Because gestures are natural expressions, you should never adopt them in a robotic manner. Only adopt aspects that you feel comfortable with. If not, your manner will have the opposite effect and may appear awkward and unnatural.

By being true to yourself and confident in yourself, you will exude positive subliminal energies that interviewers will pick up. In an interview, this can prove decisive and turn the interview your way. This is also true in every situation in life, not just in job interviews.

Reading peoples' body language is a natural trait we all possess. The following is a selection of body language gestures to adopt in an interview:

  • Maintain steady eye contact
  • Maintain upright posture
  • Keep your head upright
  • Keep your shoulders upright
  • Walk confidently
  • Make sure your feet are planted on the floor
  • Make your handshake strong and firm

Body language signs of lying that interviewers can readily discern:

  • Nervousness in your voice
  • Fidgeting hands
  • Nervous darting eyes
  • Shifting on your seat

These examples of body language should give you a useful insight on how to read other peoples' gestures in all situations.

Reading Interpreting Body Language