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Job Interview Skills and Techniques

Advice on good interview

One of the most important of all job interview skills and techniques is the ability to exude confidence in yourself and in your abilities. Confidence is exhibited in body language and is one of the most effective interview skills.

Familiarise yourself with commonly asked interview questions

There are few things more unsettling than being stumped by a question which you did not expect. It is therefore important to know commonly asked questions and prepare in advance for them.

Employers use proven scientific techniques to discern candidates' personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Using psychometric tests they are able to discern leadership, motivational, organizational and team working skills along with other traits. They often use the results of psychometric tests to formulate questions. It is therefore important to have your own psychometric report. They will provide you with the same information the interviewer may already have and enable you to prepare answers to commonly asked questions.

Listen carefully before you answer questions

You must ensure that you listen carefully before answering the interviewers' questions. Many candidates have dropped out in the selection process simply because they failed to listen carefully before answering. If you answer a question you don't fully understand, your answer will be vague so make sure you ask the interviewer to repeat or clarify any question you don't understand. Equally important is the need to answer questions directly in a concise manner. Therefore if you are talkative by nature, be extremely careful not to veer off. Always adopt these simple job interview skills and techniques to maximise your chances in the selection process.

Job interview skills and techniques