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Customer Service Interview Questions

Tips on effective interview preparation for customer
service executives and managers

For optimum performance, you will need to acquaint yourself with commonly asked customer service interview questions. Familiarity with typical questions will enable you to plan answers. You will also need to practice delivering your answers in mock sessions with a friend or relation. You will need to hone your delivery so that your answers are delivered smoothly and confidently.

Answering questions is your opportunity to let the interviewers glean your customer service career, past and present, and your future aspirations in relation to the prescribed job and the company.

Below is a sample selection of common customer service interview questions:

  • How do you handle angry customers?
  • How do you respond to rude or abusive customers?
  • How would you respond to customers threatening violence?
  • How do you respond with bad feedbacks from dissatisfied customers?
  • Describe an occasion where you performed an action outside your remit, for the benefit of the team.
  • How would you respond if a customer makes a request that violates your employer's policy?
  • Describe a situation when you took an initiative to provide a customer with best solutions.
  • Describe how you relate with customers.
  • What is your definition of going the extra mile for a customer?
  • Describe an occasion where you adopted a different approach to a customer, having realised your first approach was ineffectual.
  • Describe an occasion where a customer tested your patience.
  • What do you find most fulfilling when dealing with the public.
  • Describe how you resolved a challenging and complex situation to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Describe an instance when you had to ask numerous questions and listened attentively in order to resolve a customer issue.

This selection of top customer service interview questions should give you a clearer insight on the likely questions you will be asked during your interview. Good luck.

Customer Service Interview Questions