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Call Centre Interview Questions
and Answers

It is important to familiarise yourself with typical call centre interview questions and answers. The best call centre interview questions are designed to assess candidates' communication skills and ability to listen to others. Interviewers also look for candidates with good computer skills, familiarity with associated software and ability to work within teams. If you are a call centre manager or supervisor, you will also be asked questions to assess your ability to lead and motivate others.

Answering tough interview questions for call centre positions require practice and by knowing likely interview questions, you can prepare answers prior to your interview. You will need to practice delivering answers in mock sessions with a colleague, friend or relative. You should practice until you are able to answer with ease.

The following is a selection of commonly asked call centre interview questions:

  • Describe your previous call centre work experience. How did you support customers?
  • What computer software have you used before?
  • How would you rate teamwork and its importance in a call centre environment?
  • How would you respond to a difficult customer?
  • Describe how you recently went about resolving a difficult problem for a customer
  • Describe your most challenging customer issue. How did you resolve it and what did you learn from it?

The following are a selection of typical call centre interview questions for supervisors:

  • Describe your leadership style
  • how do you motivate staff?
  • How do you respond to less motivated staff?

When addressing call centre interview questions, answers should be drawn from your own personal experience. To give you an insight on how to structure call centre interview answers, take a look at these common interview answers.

Call centre interview questions and answers