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50 Tough Interview Questions

The following list comprises 50 tough interview questions drawn from popular categories. By mastering these 50 difficult questions, you will be well prepared to face your next interview confidently.

About you and your achievements

1. Please talk us through your resume.
2. Tell me a little about yourself.
3. What can you do for this organization?
4. Tell us why we ought to appoint you.
5. What aspects of a job do you like most?
6. How do you handle pressure and deadlines?
7. In your current/past jobs, what issues did you identify that were previously overlooked?
8. If you were to restart your career again what would you do differently?
9. Do you presently have any career options?
10. What is your definition of success?
11. So far in your career, how successful would you say you have been?
12. What have you not achieved which you would like to achieve in the future?
13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

About the company

14. What do you know about our organization?
15. Why do you want to work for our organization?
16. How would you define the [ position which you are being interviewed ]?
17. Do you not think you might be better off in a larger organization?
18. If you had the opportunity to choose any organization, what would be your choice?
19. Are there any other careers/jobs you are considering at this moment in time?
20. What are your long-term aspirations?
21. Tell me what you find most attractive and least attractive about this job
22. What did you like most in your current/last job?
23. What have been your four most significant achievements in your current or last position?
24. How long do you intend to stay with our organization?

About your management Style

25. Your CV appears to suggest you are too qualified for the job. What do you think?
26. Tell us a little about your management style
27. Do you believe you have what it takes to be a good manager?
28. What do you believe to be the most difficult aspects about being a successful manager today?
29. Would you describe yourself a leader?
30. What essential elements do you look for when you hire staff?
31. Have you fired staff before?

About the industry

32. What trends do you see in our industry?
33. What are the main issues facing our industry today?

Why you are looking for work

34. Why are you leaving (or left)?
35. How is it you have not found a job up till now?
36. Have you considered leaving your present post previously? If so, what factors led you to stay?
37. What opinion do you have of your (former) boss?
38. Do you intend to take your boss's job?

About your perceived strengths and weaknesses

39. Please give me instances in which your work was criticised by colleagues.
40. What do you think your boss would say about your strengths and weaknesses?
41. What would you say are your strongest points?
42. What would you say are your weak points?

About your salary expectations

43. Why are you not earning more money at your age?
44. what salary expectation do you have for this post?

Personality tests

45. Do you have any objection to taking a personality test?
46. How would you describe your personality?
47. Do you talk to people before they talk to you?
48. Tell me about the last movie you saw or sporting event or book you've read?
49. Would you say you are a creative person?

Congratulations. When can you start work?

50. The job is yours, when would you like to start?


Try to familiarize yourself with these 50 tough interview questions. Prepare your answers and practice them in mock sessions with a friend. You can find answers to many job interview questions using the links below.

Sample 50 Tough Interview Questions