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How to Choose a Career

Tips and guidance on how to choose a
career and make a career change

One of the most import advice you will ever need concerns how to choose a career that is right for you. A significant proportion of people will change career at some point in their life. A career offers an outlet for people to exhibit creativity, skills and core values. A person's career, therefore, is a reflection of his or her personality. People are most happy and fulfilled within careers that match their personality. Choosing a career therefore should be done with careful deliberation.

Before choosing a career, you should consider the things you enjoy doing, things which you do as a hobby. Ask yourself what you would like to spend your time doing if you did not have financial constraints. If you are unsure, there are online personality tests available which offer accurate reports of individual personality types.

Researching Careers

Start by researching the leading employers in your field of interest. Compare career prospects, conditions, pay and other factors which you consider important. To get a balanced view, it is best to compare information from industry sources as well as independent sources.

What are your transferable skills?

People often overlook skills which they already possess that can be extremely useful, if not vital in other fields. Such skills include self discipline, ability to adapt and work well within teams and motivation. Other skills include ability to communicate at all levels as well as leadership and organisational skills. Most of the skills you need to excel within a given field might already have been acquired or may even be innate within you.

Other important factors to consider include:

  • Qualification & training
    You may need to gain qualification within the field you wish to enter in order to ensure career progression. There are flexible part-time, evening and correspondent courses available to suit individual schedules.
  • Work Experience
    Acquiring work experience in the field you wish to enter will enhance your prospects and effectiveness. If you are already in work, a good strategy would be to try working in the field you wish to enter on a voluntary basis, perhaps part-time or evening in order to gain experience and decide if you really are suited to the field.
  • Effective Networking
    Half of all jobs never get advertised and yet the positions still get filled through internal circulation, word of mouth and recommendations. Networking essentially requires that you keep in touch with a circle of acquaintances, friends, family and former (as well as current) work colleagues. Networks are excellent sources of information and leads.

A good CV and cover letter will help you progress in your career

If you want to know how to choose a career then you will also require assistance with a professional CV and cover letter tailored towards your preferred field. Your CV and cover letter will be crucial for getting interviews so it is vital they are prepared in a professional manner. This website offers a comprehensive range of CV services. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How to choose a career