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Accident at Work Claim Procedures

Information on work injury compensation
claims for employees and employers

If you have sustained injury at work, accident compensation lawyers can recover compensation for lost income and damages if it can be proved the employer was at fault. Workplace accident compensation lawyers are experienced in proving negligence and can handle all types of cases, varying from obvious instances of malpractice and neglect by employers to complex situations where proof of liability can be more protracted.

Sadly, a significant proportion of workers fail to make a claim following accidents at work, even though the law affords employees legal right and protection to instigate claims. These can range from minor injuries to more grievous physical and psychological impairments leading to severe disability.

Some workers feel awkward about pursuing an accident compensation claim against an employer they might have worked for over many years. You should not, however, feel pressurised not to make a claim. As an employee you have legal rights to pursue damages, which in the process will ultimately bring about rectification of the original negligence and help prevent future occurrences.

Statistically, it has been found that many workers apportion blame to themselves following accidents at work and many more tend to "sweep them under the carpet", underestimating and playing down the likely probability of securing compensation, even where the employer is at fault. Rather than pre-judging, employees are therefore advised to always consult professional accident compensation lawyers who have the experience and expertise to assess the merits of a case. These lawyers have proven track record handling hundreds of workplace injury cases for employees, trade unions and their members.

Where a worker has an accident at work, injury compensation lawyers offer free consultation during which they will begin the process of assessing the merits of each particular case. Accident at work claim procedures are usually straightforward and based on their initial assessment, lawyers can act on your behalf and build up evidence to strengthen your case. When an employee sustains workplace injury there is a specified timeframe in which he or she can make a claim. Clearly, the sooner the better and easier it is for lawyers to investigate and build credible evidence to back your case. You should therefore seek legal counsel for work injury compensation immediately you suffer workplace injury.

Following injuries at work, accident claim procedures commonly arise due to:

  • Poor lighting
  • Inadequate training
  • Faulty Office equipment
  • Workplace slips and trips
  • Poorly maintained machinery
  • Poorly maintained structures
  • Inadequate protective clothing
  • Crane accidents
  • Farm accidents
  • Spinal cord injury at work
  • Rigging accidents
  • Fork lift truck mishaps
  • Exposure to harmful substances
  • Back injury
  • Construction accidents
  • Accidents at work caused by falling objects
  • Soft tissue injury at work
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> Falling
> Struck by falling objects
> Machinery mishaps
> Collapse buildings, walls, scaffolds etc
> Struck by objects
> Caught in or between objects
> Overexertion lifting / pulling
> Exposure to heat
> Exposure to cold
> Exposure to electrical current
> Exposure to chemicals
> Exposure to radiation
> Other types of accidents