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Information on solicitors in employment law related issues
such as unfair dismissal and discrimination

An employment law solicitor provides specialist help on unfair dismissal in the workplace, along with a variety of workplace discrimination based on sex, age, race, religious belief, disability or sexual orientation.

Solicitors in Employment Law

Law Firm:
Thomas Mansfield LLP
119 High Street Ground Floor, Christopher Wren Yard, Croydon, Surrey CR0 1QG

0845 6017756

020 8681 8141


Solicitors in employment law also offer specialist representation for constructive dismissal. These are cases where an employee is forced to leave a job against his or her will as a result of the employer's practises and conduct. Solicitors specialising in employment law can offer comprehensive advice on courses of action available to you if you believe you have to relinquish your job due to constructive dismissal.

For those seeking help on Compromise Agreements, an employment law solicitor can advice, explaining the terms, conditions and implications for pursuing a claim to an employment tribunal, before putting your signature to the Agreement.

UK employment law solicitors can help you recover compensation that you are entitled in any area involving malpractices or infringement of basic employee rights in the workplace.

Thomas Mansfield LLP are experienced employment solicitors. Based in Croydon, they have a track record assisting clients, issuing advice and pursuing employment related claims. Although employment law solicitors can represent clients from anywhere in the UK, employees should consult a variety of employment law firms in order to compare services, the terms upon which lawyers are prepared to offer representation, as well as legal fees.

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