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UCAS Personal Statement Examples

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Below are UCAS personal statement examples. Each example is intended to give you insight on how to construct your own compelling personal statement.

Please note: we no longer provide services for writing UCAS personal statements.

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Regarding the UCAS personal statement examples below, they are intended purely to give you an idea on how to construct your own statements. Going through them will give you an idea as to the type of information that is required. A personal statement is your opportunity to express yourself. You should personalise your own statement and avoid copying any of the examples below in their entirety.

Examples of personal statements for UCAS

I find mathematics challenging and enjoyable and I believe I have a natural flair for the subject. There was no doubt in my mind in choosing mathematics as a degree. Much of civilization was built on the foundation of mathematical principles. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of problem solving that mathematics provides. For me, it is a thoroughly fulfilling discipline.

I believe I am conversant in all areas of the subject. I particularly enjoy pure mathematics because of its rigorous demand of pure logic and problem solving techniques

I belong to several mathematical groups and societies on the net and I enjoy reading publications of a mathematical nature, for enlarging my knowledge beyond the content of my A-level syllabus. I have represented my school in a challenge competition. I also contribute in our sixth form newsletter. I am captain of our school rugby team and I am also a competent pianist and am a member of the choir as a pianist.

For the past 15 months I have been working part-time at a high street retail outlet. Although not particularly demanding mathematically, it has enabled me to perform and react well under pressure. I undertake extensive customer relations in a high volume environment, advising as to appropriate merchandise to meet and exceed targets. I also dealt with general queries and complaints and established good relations to improve customer retention and effectively resolve problems as they arose.

However, I have since left this job to concentrate exclusively on my A2 course. I sincerely look forward to a fulfilling career in mathematics and I am confident my chosen establishments aptly match my capabilities as well as my strong aspirations towards a successful career as a mathematician.

UCAS personal statement examples