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Science CV Format

Scientific CVs and cover letters
for scientists in all fields

Our CV writers have more than 10 years experience writing CVs using a proven science CV format for science professionals in a broad range of fields including biochemistry, biomedical, toxicology and other scientific fields. We cater for scientists at all levels of experience including recent graduates, laboratory assistants and research scientists.

Tailoring your scientific skills towards the prescribed job

Our expertise lies in customising scientific CVs towards specific scientific disciplines using the latest presentational and formatting styles. So, whether you are a recent graduate or a senior researcher, we can write a compelling CV tailored towards your particular scientific discipline, highlighting relevant laboratory skills, competencies and other scientific skills along with your achievements.

We routinely write CVs for scientists that:

  • Begin with a compelling Professional Profile / Objective statement.
  • Utilise the latest formatting and presentational styles.
  • Highlight laboratory skills
  • Highlight other scientific skills.
  • highlight records of scientific achievements.
  • Makes our clients stand out from the crowd.
  • Gives our clients added credibility that have edged many into scientific jobs.

What CV format do I need for scientific job applications?

Our Executive CVs cater for senior scientists, researchers and technologists in managerial positions.

The highly effective and popular Tailored CV format caters all other scientists and is ideal for those:

  • Already pursuing a career in a field and seek progression within it.
  • Recently qualified in a scientific discipline, entering for the first time.

The Tailored CV tailors laboratory, scientific, technical and other relevant skills to the prescribed job.

Cover letters for scientific job applications

Including a well written cover letter with your scientific CV will make your application stand out even more, maximising your chances. This can prove decisive in the selection process. Your letter must be well prepared and brief, explaining background and suitability for the position in a professional and persuasive manner. If you are unsure how to compile a winning letter, we can write it for you.

Over the past decade, we have customised our science CV format to propel our clients upwardly in their careers; and we can do the same for you today. Contact us today if you have any questions you want to discuss. Compare our prices and find out how to order. When you are ready to place an order, access our secure online order form.

Science CV format

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