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Legal CV Format

CVs for lawyers, solicitors in private
practice and law graduates

Our legal CV writers have 10 years experience writing CVs for lawyers from all backgrounds including corporate lawyers and solicitors. We also prepare CVs for law students seeking internships and graduates seeking Training Contracts and Paralegal positions. View our Testimonials page for comments from satisfied clients.

We specialise in compiling high quality legal CV presentations highlighting relevant legal skills in a professional and compelling manner that routinely earn our clients job interviews.

We can write a powerful CV for you that:

  • Features industry leading presentational and formatting styles.
  • Tailors your legal skills and competencies to the prescribed job.
  • Features industry keywords and power phrases for maximum impact.
  • Highlights your achievements and other significant results.
  • Transforms your profile, making you stand out from the rest.
  • Adds credibility and professionalism to your application, giving you a vital edge.

What CV formats are available for lawyers?

Our Executive CVs are ideal for experienced senior lawyers with managerial experience and are use to highlight track records of achievement.

Our Tailored CV caters for lawyers seeking non managerial legal roles. It is also ideal for people seeking Paralegal positions and law graduates seeking Training Contracts. The Tailored CV also caters for people who wish to transition to the legal field from other industry sectors.

Cover letters for legal job applications

You should include a cover letter with your CV. A well written cover letter adds credibility and can give you a vital edge in the recruitment process. We are skilled in writing cover letters for legal job applications, highlighting relevant skills in a professional and persuasive manner.

We write and email legal CVs within 2-3 days. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs. Compare our prices and find out how to order before accessing the online order form.

Legal Cvs and cover letters

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