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Engineering CV Format

Engineering CVs and cover letters for engineers at
all levels, from graduates to project managers

Over the past 10 years, our engineering CV format and cover letters have helped place many engineers into work all over the world, from new graduate entrants to experience project managers. See our Testimonials page to see what satisfied clients are saying about our service.

We offer customised engineering CV solutions that combine quality formatting and layout with high level content presentation, highlighting relevant skills and achievements in a compelling manner.

Whether you are a newly qualified graduate or a senior engineer with project management experience, we can write a compelling tailored resume that highlights your track record and achievements.

We can write a finalised CV for you that:

  • Utilise cutting edge presentation, formatting and layout.
  • Presents your Profile / Objective statement in a compelling manner.
  • Tailors your key strengths towards the prescribed field.
  • Highlights your engineering skills and competencies to maximum effect.
  • Utilise industry keywords and power phrases for maximum impact.
  • Highlights your achievements and other significant results to maximum effect.
  • Makes your application stand out from the pile.
  • Maximises your chances for selection.

What engineering CV format do I need?

Our Executive CVs are ideal for engineers with managerial experience. They highlight technical, organisational, management and leadership skills along with records of achievement and other significant results.

For engineers with non-managerial experience, the popular Tailored CV format offers customized solutions and is ideal if you are:

  • Already in the industry and are seeking career progression.
  • Entering the industry as a newly qualified graduate.
  • Making a career change towards the engineering sector.

The Tailored CV is used to tailor relevant skills towards specific engineering jobs.

Do I need a cover letter for engineering job applications?

We recommend you include a cover letter with your CV. A well written engineering cover letter that explains why you believe you an ideal candidate, briefly highlighting your skills and achievements, will make your CV stand out even more. This will give you a crucial edge that can prove decisive in a highly competitive industry.

With our highly effective engineering CV format, we can highlight your skills in a professional manner, maximising your chances for selection in the recruitment process. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. You may wish to view our price list and ordering instructions before accessing our online order form.

Engineering CV format