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Customer Service CV Format

Cover letters and CVs customised for customer
service managers, supervisors and advisors

Our customer service CV format cater for people at all levels including managers, supervisors and advisors. Our senior CV writers have helped place scores of customer service managers and staff into jobs. Over the past decade, we have received numerous thank you letters from clients who we helped place into jobs within the customer service industry. See our Testimonial page to read comments from satisfied clients.

We cater for both new entrants as well as experienced customer service professionals and can write for you a compelling CV highlighting your skills and achievements.

We can write you a CV that:

  • Utilises the latest presentation and layout style for maximum impact.
  • Presents your Profile / Objective statement in a professional and compelling manner.
  • Tailors your skills professionally towards the position sought.
  • Utilises industry keywords and power phrases for maximum impact.
  • Presents your key achievements to maximum effect.
  • Makes you stand out from the rest.
  • Maximises your chances for selection.

CV formats for customer service job applications

We provide flexible solutions with a range of styles, depending on:

  • Whether you are in a managerial position.
  • Whether you are already in the customer service field and are seeking career progression.
  • You are moving into customer services from another field.

Our Executive CVs cater for customer service managers and are used to highlight management skills and achievements. Our Tailored CV cater for all other customer service staff including supervisors and advisors. They are ideal for:

  • People already in the field seeking career progression.
  • People entering the customer service field from other industry sectors.

Should I include a cover letter for customer service job applications?

Your customer service CV should be accompanied with a cover letter. A well written letter will make your CV stand out and give you an advantage over other candidates. We are highly experienced in writing powerful and persuasive customer service cover letters. These letters together with our highly effective customer service CV format, have helped propel many customer service professionals upwardly in their career over the past decade; and we can also help you today. Our service includes free CV review so contact us today to discuss your requirements. See our price list and ordering instructions before accessing the online order form.

Customer service CV format

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