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Pilot CV

Pilot CVs and cover letters
expertly prepared

A pilot CV is a compact 1 page document that presents a challenge because of its brevity. Our CV writers have more than 10 years' experience preparing pilot resumes for commercial pilots all over the world. Because a pilot's CV should be 1 page long, it is vital that it features only relevant information.

Taking the guesswork out of CV writing for pilots

Airliner and other employers only scan CVs for about 30 seconds. These seconds can make or break career aspirations depending on how well a CV is prepared. As professional CV writers, our job is to maximise pilot's chances in the recruitment process and we have prepared hundreds of pilot resumes for satisfied pilots in the last decade.

If you require our services, we will present your CV professionally in an attractive format, using current presentational styles and layout.

The finalised resume will feature:

  • Your education and qualifications
  • A brief summary of your work history
  • Your licensing and rating
  • Your flying hours and aircraft type summary
  • Your language skills and other additional skills
  • Other additional information
  • Your photo (optional)

What CV format is ideal for pilots?

Our popular Tailored CV format is ideal for:

  • Experienced pilots seeking career progression in the same field
  • New entrants seeking to enter the field

The Tailored CV is used to present skills, experience and training in a professional manner.

How important is a pilot cover letter?

As with other fields, research shows that pilots who attach a cover letter with their CVs are more likely to be called for interviews. Our consultants are skilled in preparing professional high quality cover letters for pilots. A letter provides an opportunity to introduce yourself, your background and career objectives. It is also your opportunity to explain why you should be selected. Moreover, your letter must be compelling and professional. We can take care of it for you, maximising your chances for selection.

Turnaround time, price and ordering instructions

The turnaround time for a pilot CV is 1-3 days. You can view our price list and ordering instructions before accessing the online order form. Alternatively, contact us today to discuss your specific needs with one of our consultants.

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