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Writing Career Objectives in CVs

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The career objective statement example below (in highlight) is contained in the "Professional Profile" section at the top of the CV. The career objective in a CV should appear at the top either on its own, just below the Profile statement, or as in the example below, part of the Profile statement. Where it forms part of the Profile statement, the career objective should form the last sentence.

In our career objective statement, the candidate states his objective in an unambiguous manner. He wants a position that offers challenges, that will enable him to draw on his skills and build upon those skills. You should try to structure your own objective statement along these lines.

You should try to study our featured career objective statement example very carefully because it forms part of the first few lines of a CV that will determine whether the reader will read the CV to the end. If you feel your CV is poor in quality or if you have applied for jobs with few or no interview offers, email your CV to us for a free no obligation review.

career objective statement example

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