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Career Change CV Sample

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The career change CV sample below features Ian Holloway, a Customer Service Manager. He already has a BSc Hons Degree in Business Information Systems and this qualification has equipped him with knowledge of business process design and change management. Ian then develops an interest in this area. He then formulates and implements a business process change SAP application at JC Telecom Plc which reduced complaint resolution time by 250%. Ian then decides to make a transition from customer service management towards business consultancy and project management; and acquires a Princes 2 Practitioner certification to enable him to manage projects and undertake business consultancy roles.

In a career change CV, you need to highlight relevant transferable skills as well as any relevant acquired skills. In this career change CV sample, Ian has newly acquired strong project management knowledge to consolidate his management experience. He also has a wealth of other transferable business management skills. These are all highlighted under the Key Skills section of his CV. He also highlights areas of his project management expertise.

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Career change CV sample

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